Project Management

To me, good project management is more than a Gantt chart (although it can be a useful communications tool).  When I manage a project, I concentrate on:

  • ensuring that the Terms of Reference for the project accurately describe the expectations of the sponsor, particularly around scope and deliverables
  • communicating clearly and constantly with key stakeholders
  • looking after the project team - ensuring they are both efficient and effective
  • anticipating, preventing, and resolving road-blocks to achieving progress
  • understanding the business goals to be achieved and ensuring the project stays focussed on achieving these
  • identifying delays and cost overruns early - while there is still time to do something.

Customer Care and Billing:

Ken managed a team of 15 IBM personnel implementing the ICMS customer care and billing system (as used by Telecom New Zealand) within a Filipino telecommunications company.

He had sole responsibility for the success of the contract.  Ken planned resources, managed staff, and dealt with contractual issues as they arose.  He handled the significant number of problems that occur on a project of this nature in a foreign country, both at the business and interpersonal relationship level.  He met all contractual requirements on time and within the agreed budget.

Ken also managed a team of Telecom New Zealand personnel for 1½ years that designed, developed, and implemented a complex billing system that billed Telecom's top 500 customers.  Significant organisational change was a key to success.  Telecom's customers were delighted with the result.