People Management

I often receive feedback from people who work for me that I am "the best manager they've ever had".  I think this is because I understand the value chain where happy employees leads to happy customers.  I pride myself in genuinely caring for the welfare and career of those who work for me.  When you demostrate integrity and loyalty to those who work for you, you get integrity and loyalty back - it's something you earn.

When managing people, I see my role as creating the environment whereby my staff can be successful.  This means:

  • creating a work environment that this is fun and healthy
  • inspiring people, resulting in staff that are dedicated to go the extra mile
  • leading people, having everyone go in the same direction towards the same goal
  • providing people with the tools and resources they need to be effective
  • celebrating success
  • taking responsibility when things go wrong.

I know from personal experience that managing people is the hardest part of any job.  But is also the most rewarding.