Cross Domain Scripting

Allowing cross domain scripting for Patient Dashboard

Some features within Patient Dashboard and advanced forms retrieve data dynamically from other web sites.  For example:

  • for Manaia PHO, Patient Dashboard accesses the Care Plus Tool to retreive the care plus status of the patient
  • for Dargaville Medical Centre, Patient Dashboard accesses the Eary Years Hub application to see if the child is enrolled in the Hub.
For this to happen, Internet Explorer needs to be given permission to do "Cross Domain Scripting".  This is not turned on by default.  It needs to be changed on every workstation that uses the form.
The steps involved are quite straight forward:

Add the sites to the list of trusted sites

Note that every version of Internet Explorer is slightly different so you may find that your screen looks a little different.  The instructions below are for Internet Explorer version 9.

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Access the Internet options by clicking on the  and then selecting "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the "Security" tab.
  4. Click on .
  5. Click on .
  6. Make sure that  is unticked.
  7. Add the required sites to the trusted zone (just those that you need):
    •          This is required for Patient Dashboard version 3 only
    •      This is required for Patient Dashboard version 4 only
  8. Close.
For practices running Patient Dashboard version 4 in Northland, your screen should look like this (it doesn't matter if there are other websites listed as well, just that the "secure.procon2" site is listed):

Allow trusted sites to do cross domain scripting

  1. With  still selected, click on .
  2. Scroll down the settings to the "MIscellaneous" heading.
  3. Set "Access data sources across domains" to "Enabled" as shown below.