Ambulance NZ

Ken is currently Project Director for an Ambulance New Zealand project to enhance the way that care is delivered by ambulance officers.

The ambulance sector currently uses a paper-based system to record the care provided by ambulance officers to patients with no access to the patient’s medical history and no ability to electronically send information to the patient’s GP. The information collected cannot easily be analysed to identify opportunities for improvement.

Ambulance New Zealand is in the process of selecting a system that will be made available to each ambulance officer that will provide access to relevant information from the patient’s medical record, collect information about the medical interventions provided, communicate with Emergency Departments, and send relevant information electronically to the patient’s GP.

The benefits of this system include enhancing the quality of care provided, enhancing clinical governance and training, and more efficient back office processes. The system will allow ambulance officers to more fully participate in shared care.

There will be some significant challenges to overcome including how we access information within primary care, ensuring patient privacy, and the connectivity challenges of using the system in remote, rural locations.

Ken is directing a team that has defined the requirements, issued an RFP, evaluated responses, and is currently in the process of detailed evaluation to be followed by business case development.